The Wolf Who Cried Girl

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There was purple-black stuff that coursed and would coagulate as if toward "healing" a favorite word these days.

Also, something or things white or whitish in the middle. Help, she cried, Help!

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf—A Cautionary Tale

There was the shaking of many heads, the rolling of many eyes, the weary smiles of almost near-affection. Or lions and tigers and bears? Here there was a little laugh. Oh my! Is there something you're trying to share with us?

The Girl Who Cried Wolf - Wikipedia

Now there was another wolf. It had come from behind. Its teeth grabbed her left calf. The hand that was gone was the right one. Maybe they were going for her kitty-corner this time, a kind of asymmetrical look?

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This one felt smaller. She twisted her head to see. It was. Was it the other's cub?

Was the mama wolf trying to teach the baby wolf? Its teeth were sloppy, almost tentative in her calf. This wound would not be clean.

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Was the baby learning? She hoped so. She hoped it wasn't doing this sloppily intentionally to prolong this. That wouldn't be nice. Should she sympathize with its trying to learn but only doing things sloppy and wrong?


She tried to be sympathetic. Oh, wolf, she cried again.

The big one was still there, gnawing on her hand, which was no longer attached to her, as one would gnaw a barbecued rib. Not me, however—I'm vegetarian. She was glad she didn't feel that one anymore. She did feel the other, though. Its teeth were in the skin and then muscle and then against the bone of her calf. Why "calf"? How did "the fleshy part at the back of a person's leg below the knee" [ New Oxford American Dictionary ] relate to "a young bovine animal, esp. The calf being detached from her would not "float"; it was being rent from her by teeth, not global warming.

Are melting ice caps a sign of the world's impending doom? What is the responsibility of a concerned citizen in the face of such dripping calving? It pulled the calf apart, almost away, until it hung by a string of a sprig of flesh until that was bitten free, whereupon there was the searing, the gushing of blood, the dizziness, the blacking out almost, the almost falling, etc. It usually happened similarly.

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