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  1. Out Like Flynn, Etan's Legacy, and Shadow of Truth
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  5. The Truth About Shadow IT

Out Like Flynn, Etan's Legacy, and Shadow of Truth

Ironically, when this happens, the answer may actually be staring us in the face, but we simply cannot or will not acknowledge its presence, because it may involve something we that makes us uncomfortable or something we prefer not to see. The Shadow Truth spread, laid out in a simple, five-card cross format, is an effective means of getting to the truth of a matter. When Amelia came to me for a reading, she had been in a relationship with Paul for nearly three years. Amelia was ready to move to the next step in the relationship.

She wanted to get married and have a family, but Paul was hesitant.

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Paul was a decade older than Amelia, and already had two children from a previous marriage. His relationship with his ex-wife was cordial, and he was a wonderful father to his kids. As much as she loved him, she was actually thinking it might be time to break things off in hopes of finding someone whose dreams were more in line with her own. Maybe Amelia just had bad luck picking men, or was there perhaps something else going on in her own psyche that was guiding her to make these choices?

Amelia and I concentrated on her question as I shuffled the cards. I had her cut the cards, still continuing to focus on her relationship, and then dealt out the five cards, face down on the table between us. Center Card: The High Priestess. The card at the center of the reading reveals your current perspective on the issue at hand. The High Priestess is a card steeped in mystery that bespeaks both deep reflections and hidden truths.

The chaste figure sits in a temple of knowledge surrounded by symbols from many cultures, and is flanked by a white pillar and a black pillar on either side, which represent beginning and completion. For Amelia, this card suggested that there was more going in her relationship than it might appear. What is in plain sight paints one picture, and yet, it is what is beneath the surface that may be the most critical factor in whether or not her relationship will succeed or fail.

The High Priestess is generally someone adept at coming to terms with reality, but might, at the present moment, be dealing with misinformation that she would need to process in order to make an informed decision.

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For Amelia, whether that information was coming via an internal or external source remained to be seen. Top Card: Page of Swords. The page stands, sword lifted, as a great gusting wind blows, ready to take on the world. Swords are cards of intellect and reason, so the battle is one of reason and logic. The Page of Swords also signifies cutting to the chase and getting to the truth of a matter.

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For Amelia, this meant she was now ready to face whatever had been holding her back, whereas in the past, she might have been content to maintain the status quo. Right Card: Eight of Wands. The Eight of Wands stream like banners through the air. Since there is no figure represented in this card, it suggests that the momentum of the flying wands has been set in motion by the querent.

For Amelia, this card was an especially good omen. Avihu Shapira. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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    The Truth About Shadow IT

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    The Truth About Shadow IT

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