Peckerheads: A Slightly Off-Kilter Love Story

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Carlisle is one of them. On this album, Courtney remains just as witty and self deprecating as ever, but with more maturity and preciseness. There are no signs that her moderate stardom has effected her outlook on life and her focus is on the minutiae of everyday life and the ridiculousness of The expectations of others. Like most great songwriters, Barnett seems to possess the qualities of an empath.

An ability to see and feel the tiniest nuances and verbalize the things most people miss. To me, the most critical components of being a true songwriter are possessing extraordinary skills of observation as well as empathy. The best of the best are often the ones with the most self doubt. Courtney Barnett is a star, whether she believes it or not. And her incredible body of works continues to get stronger right along with the artist.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, October 30

I often find them self indulgent and more often than not, I lose interest before the song ever comes to an end. This album contains a lot of songs that ramble. But Kurt understands something about melody more than the average mere mortal. And each song on this album, no matter how long, feels more like a journey where one savors every step instead of impatiently rushing to get to the destination. If you have patience, it soon becomes apparent that if you allow the melodious and mellow music to wash over you, Kurt sees exactly where he wants to take you.

A place where you feel right at home.

Mascis has always been a master of the great guitar hook. The song immediately drew me to the album, and one of the aspects I enjoyed most was hearing the moody drone of J. As always, J.

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The sort of soul mate you know you will always love and never quite have. An ever evolving circle of melancholy, emotional uncertainty and self-doubt that every single one of us has felt, is feeling or will feel. On this album, Mascis delivers some of his most emotive vocals to date. His guitar solos are often how he most clearly expresses his deepest feelings, a non-vocal cry of pain or frustration, or despair. For the first time, we are hearing his vocals come close to matching his guitar as a way to express himself. And it is beautiful. It is truly Mascis at his finest.

And it may just be his best album to date. A nod to the fact that immigrant kids played a seminal role in punk. Escovedo is backed on the album by Italian instrumental group, Don Antonio and together, they have created Escovedos most adventurous and genre-bending album to date. Through punk-inspired guitar, to lazy jazz riffs, to soulful ballads, and even spoken word, this album tells the timeless tale of racism, repression, resistance and kick-ass spirit that are the driving forces behind the real American Dream , one that is so threatened by the current administration.

The album encompasses not just a story, but immerses us in the entire experience of the American immigrant. From the innocent belief that anyone can accomplish the American Dream, to the reality that in doing so one must often give up their culture, their way of life and their own identity. Escovedo has crafted more than a record, this is a true work of art. Take some time and let him tell you his story. That simplicity, in its purest form, can be breathtakingly lovely. A steadfast belief in one another. This album is about the things that truly matter, performed in a way that only Prine can.

I was first introduced to the band X in , at the age of A friend and musical mentor listened to them frequently and was a huge fan. As with most of his music suggestions, I loved what I heard. In fact, X quickly became one of my all time favorite bands and have remained so for the past 35 years. From the poetic lyrics to the slightly off-kilter harmonies of singers John Doe and Exene Cervenka, I was drawn in at first listen and fully expected the band to remain in my top ten for the rest of my life.

X has been a part of my life for decades. My children know every song. My daughter attended her first concert when she joined me at an X show at the Irving Plaza just before she turned This band meant something to me. That all changed after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. To put this in perspective, I live about a mile and a half from Sandy Hook school. The families affected by this tragedy are a part of my community. I know some of them personally.


I witnessed the devastation to a community and our entire country. For months after the tragedy, you could hear a pin drop while grocery shopping in town. People walked around in shock. It was like a punch in the gut. This woman, an artist that I had admired and respected for most of my life, had turned into a human being that would accuse people in my very own community of being crisis actors.

Delving deeper, her rants ranged from the typical conspiracy theorists views about the government attempting to take your rights away, to bat-shit crazy postings that made her appear racist, misogynistic, homophobic and truly scary. My mind was blown. Punk was about acceptance, right? I vividly recalled my own punk youth where, except for the greatly disdained racist skinheads, everyone accepted everyone else. And they scared me. But after seeing John Doe and his band play a few X songs on tour recently, I started to listen again. I spent a month believing I was going to attend a show last night at the Irving Plaza.

I even worked on getting a press pass. But yesterday morning, I was driving and decided to put X on. And I am certainly a huge believer in Freedom of Speech. Have you never listened to a DBT song? And for me, the answer is no. John Doe is a different person and a different story.

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I will remain a fan and he remains a great musician in my eyes. He has also attempted to distance himself from the words of Cervenka. Exene took her you-tube channel down after the shit hit the fan about it in She even issued a statement where she tried to make peace, but certainly never truly apologized. Maybe Exene is truly mentally ill. If so, I genuinely feel sorry for her.

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But maybe this punk icon is really nothing more than a punk. Goodbye, X. For a while, Mascis was able to explore and expand creatively in a way that most artists can only do when going solo. He came incredibly close to finding the sound he was searching for, but Dinosaur Jr. The band was just better as a unit. Together, their latest music has been extraordinarily cohesive, collaborative and solid.

Yet It still seemed as if Mascis was still searching for something, a sound he finally understood was not possible as a member of this iconic band, and pursued a way to make the music he was so clearly meant to make. A shy and introverted loneliness alongside an untamed ferocity rising up from the bowels of a Fender Jazzmaster. It only seems fitting then, that one creative outlet would just never be enough for him. His need to express both sides equally has lent itself to an artist that best showcases his many talents both as a member of a majorly influential band that defined a whole new category of music and a laid back and mostly mellow musician whose style is best defined as folk-rock peppered with punk.

While all 3 solo albums have leant themselves to a much more mellow and acoustically driven aesthetic, a more stripped down and lovely version of the guitar shred Dinosaur Jr. In it, J. It is an album that combines all of the greatness of the often underrated musician.

His beautiful lyrics, his catchy riffs and his astonishing ability to shred a guitar, albeit in a much more mellow form. To the contrary. Mascis seems to be at the peak of his career. I have no doubt his fans will have a long and amazing journey ahead, for as long as they stay along for the ride. While they were part of the Boston area punk and hardcore scene, they always stood out to me. A unique blend of hard and melodic, coupled with songs that actually meant something. They quickly became one of my favorite bands. Rick has always had the ability to express emotion through his vocalizations.

In the punk and alternative scene, this is a rare gift. This is even more pronounced with these two new songs. The subject matter on this latest release is not frivolous but deep and dark and thought provoking. The song is full of rage and messages of social and racial injustice and police brutality.