Be Lean: How to Get the Body You Love and Love the Body You Have

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  1. How To Love Your Body
  2. Free 40-page Gratitude Journal!
  3. 6 Daily Practices for Learning to Love Your Body and Your Self
  4. Learning to Love My Body—All of It | Psychology Today
  5. Body Love vs. Body Respect

Don't complicate your life by adding even more rules about what and when you can eat. Make a few small, healthy changes and when you have those down, make a few more. Diets are a Band-Aid; Lifestyle changes are real medicine. You can lose weight without supporting the often oppressive diet industry. Numbers lie. They're bigger jerks than the hungry bears who want you to fail at diets. And they're one more thing you don't need to torture yourself with. Your weight will fluctuate day to day, based on weight loss, muscle gain, hormones — even how much you have to pee. Focus instead on how you feel and how your clothes fit.

If you must weigh yourself, do it once per month, not once per day.

How To Love Your Body

When you're trying to do things you know are healthy for you, it's tempting to start thumbing through magazines for tips on how to do it. Without a good dose of media literacy , you'll be unwittingly exposing yourself to pages of models and marketing, some of which is designed to make you feel bad about yourself so you'll buy stuff. If you hate dragging yourself to the gym, then don't. If going to the gym makes you uncomfortable or self-conscious, there's no law that says you have to go. There are a million ways to exercise that don't feel like a ton of work. Some might even feel like fun.

Go dancing, hike in a pretty place or swim around at a water park.

Annie: Can self-love and a desire to change your physical being co-exist or are they a contradiction of one another? On one hand of the body positive camp say body love and weight loss can not co-mingle while it seems as if the rest of the diet industry requires a certain amount of body dissatisfaction as a prerequisite to change.

There is no doubt in our minds that the push for body acceptance of all shapes and sizes is a much needed message but what about those individuals who want self-acceptance and still desire to change their bodies? Ladies, welcome back to another episode how are you?

Free 40-page Gratitude Journal!

Annie: Quit being so polite and just answer the question. Lauren, how are you doing? Jen: Well, if you want to do a deep dive in my problems lately.

  1. Less to love: Often we’re taught the slimmer we are, the more we belong.
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  3. Self-Love: How You Can Finally Learn to Love Your Body.

Annie: Would you like to schedule a coaching call with one of the Balance coaches. Jen: Well, I need a new podcast called the Jen show. Jen: Yeah, but you know what? I struggle with things a lot of women struggle with.

6 Daily Practices for Learning to Love Your Body and Your Self

It can be helpful to go through it with a coach. I hope everybody feels that way when they listen and talk to us. Annie: I feel like that just got really serious, like we started out all jokey. Annie: To turn it into a serious, sentimental intense conversation. Jen: Yeah, we could have called that without you going through the test.

Annie: OK. Extreme body positive activists will tell you that body love and weight loss cannot co-exist, do not co-exist and on the flip-side many professionals in our industry or the diet industry in general as a whole that support weight loss believe that self loathing and body dissatisfaction is a prerequisite to changing a body and here we are as the 3 co-founders of Balance yet again in the messy middle, right?

Can they co-exist? What do I do? What, like, how, where do I fall into? Do you have any thoughts, Jen?

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  • Jen: Well, newsflash, almost any change, lifestyle change you make in your life and do consistently is going to change your body because our bodies are always in flux and although they are a representation of our genetics and our environment, they are also a representation of our habits. So I recently changed my mode of exercise. I got some really good advice this last spring. I was struggling with a certain mindset around business and money.

    Learning to Love My Body—All of It | Psychology Today

    I was at a conference and I was talking to a man who has built multiple companies and sold them and is a multi multi millionaire. Do I want to change my body?

    Create the Body you Love

    Why do I want to change my body? Zach Miko was an actor in New York City — and a lifelong dieter — when his agent sent him on a photo shoot for a modeling gig. The incredible positive response to the campaign helped Zach become the first plus-size male model to be signed to a major modeling agency. These days, Mr. Miko is using his Instagram account and his podcast, Big Things with Zach Miko , to promote a lifestyle of self-love and self-worth. In response to the hundreds of messages he gets from men who ask how they can be more confident in their bodies, Mr. Miko tells them to stop apologizing for their bodies or making jokes at their own expense.

    Who you are is not a joke.

    Body Love vs. Body Respect

    Mama Cax, whose real name is Cacsmy Brutus, started her journey to loving her body at 17 years old, when a bone cancer diagnosis meant she had to have her right leg amputated. After struggling with depression and the mental exhaustion that came with constantly trying hide her prosthetic, she turned to social media to express herself. Cax has walked in a fashion show at the White House , been selected as a face of Tommy Hilfiger , and most recently made her debut walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. She also shares her personal experiences on her blog.

    Cax tells her followers to be very intentional about who they follow on Instagram and other social media.